Board Certified Reflexologists holistically support the human body’s energetic systems, including the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional components of our being, down to the cellular level.  These systems include:

  1. Muscular/ Skeletal
  2. Genito/ Urinary
  3. Neurological
  4. Endocrine
  5. Respiratory
  6. Cardio-vascular
  7. Lymphatic
  8. Reproductive
  9. Digestive


     With the understanding of the human body’s ability to heal itself of dis-ease, the Reflexologist utilizes pressure at specific areas of the feet and hands that are ‘reflective’ of the entire human being.


     By detecting and stimulating these sensitive reflex areas of the feet and hands that correspond to specific areas of the body where there are blockages and imbalances, helps restore the flow of the body’s natural energies.  Homeostasis, healing and prevention of disease is supported.


     By combining Reflexology with Bio-Mechanical intervention, such as foot orthotics or rocker bottom therapy, balance and gait naturally support healing, better health and wellbeing.