Pioneering “The Quantum Reflexology Matrix”©



Preface: this series of articles is intended to introduce a new paradigm for reflexologists in furthering an understanding of intracellular communication and quantum energies.  Its purpose is to:

  • integrate old and new Eastern and Western reflexology traditions
  • discuss the new science of Epigenetics, the bio-photon field and the matrix as an intracellular network  
  • explore the fluids and diaphragms in the body
  • recognize the importance of the production process and movements of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), known in osteopathy as the “breath of life” or a “liquid light nerve”
  • understand why our thoughts are energy, and are important for optimal health or not
  • view biodynamics as the new biomechanics
  • see posture and movement as an expression of our overall energy 


Part I:  New Dimensions in Reflexology

Reflexology is a natural therapeutic, non-invasive, holistic and complementary touch therapy that supports healing, good health and overall well-being.  It consists primarily of alternating degrees of finger and hand pressure techniques to reflex areas of the feet, hands, face and ears.  These reflex areas and points correspond to all of our energetic and bodily systems.  Reflex therapy sessions facilitate deep relaxation, reconnecting and calming nerve pathways in the central nervous system, thereby supporting the prevention of illness, maintenance of good health and wellness.  It also promotes homeostasis and our body`s natural innate healing intelligence, which is a divine right we all share.  

The therapeutic touch of stimulating reflex points activates nerve cells throughout all of our bodily systems.  Nerves follow pathways in our body through a complex bio-electrical energy grid or matrix called fascia that is also known as connective tissue.  It is deep in the core of our entire body, in and around all of our organs.  The fascia is directly under our skin, entirely connected without any interruption, like a spider`s web.  It consists of muscles, tendons, bones, periosteum, ligaments, cartilage, membranes, diaphragms and retinaculum.  Throughout the body and its internal energy field, there are trillions of cells, each with their own unique intelligence.  All of these cells in the body are in communication with each other throughout the fascia and all bodily systems. Stressors, like emotional and physical trauma, can create scars, lesions, energy cysts or blockages in the fascia anywhere in our body.  These wounds create a disruption along nerve pathways and the body must adapt for its optimal health and survival.  Energetically, with reflex therapy, nerves can redirect from scar tissue damage, open and repair naturally.

Reflex therapy holistically helps rejuvenate our nervous system, restoring damaged connective tissue, improving and supporting our capacity for healing.  In Chinese medicine, reflex therapy supports the flow of chi or life force and in Ayurvedic medicine, can rebalance the chakras and improve endocrine gland functions.  In addition, reflex therapy sessions can decrease stress and relax the central nervous system. As wounds from trauma begin to break up and heal, lung function, blood and lymph circulation, digestion and elimination of toxins can improve our overall health and energy.  

Part II: The Liquid Crystalline Matrix 


We all hear this same question. How does reflexology work? In order to answer that question we need to understand how our body works.


All living beings and matter exist in a quantum universe.  The DNA molecule within the nucleus of every cell in all living organisms is a hexagonal crystalline structure.  A single cell of a human being is an encoded replica or hologram of the whole person.  All 50 to 70 trillion cells in our body function through an intracellular coherent continuum of a liquid crystalline matrix that operates as our body consciousness or innate intelligence. From conception, our life force energy, (also known as Chi or Prana) operates at or close to the quantum speed of light within a magnetic, bioelectrical and energetic field of potentials. 




Photons are the basic unit of energy and cosmos. Light is a current of particles called photons, which are single particles of light virtually without mass, but having momentum.


Biophotons are biological radiations or frequencies of light that are quantum energy (also massless and having momentum) that are present in every cell of all living organisms, including insects, plants, birds, fish, mammals and humans. This light energy is the life force energy that exists in all bodily cells, fluids, organs, bones, tissues and all the systems in our being. Biophotons are an invisible force that operates on a different level or dimension and does not mix with cells, fluids, tissues, etc.  This purely quantum light force permeates every human cell from its nucleus, cytoskeleton, organelles, plasma and cell membrane throughout our body. Low emissions of this light emanate from all living organisms.




The superficial, deep visceral and axial fascial or connective tissue matrix is essentially a biosystem of micro-tubules. The ECM is a continuous unified field that moves between all the body cells and connective tissue or fascia. A quantum bioelectric field arises within this liquid crystalline fluid-tissue matrix connecting all our bodily cells, DNA/RNA, nucleus, organelles, cytoplasm, cytoskeleton, cell membrane, cell receptors, fascia and all connective tissues throughout the body. Biophoton light energy is present throughout all nerves in the central nervous system and moves through collagen fiber micro-tubules within all connective tissue. In a holographic sense, every cell in our being is a replica of the whole person or any living organism.  The life force energies are interwoven in an incredibly exquisite tapestry of a quantum living matrix.


As reflex therapists we stimulate reflexes that communicate with all the cells of our clients’ being within  this holistic quantum field of a living liquid crystalline matrix of connective tissues and fluids. Traumatic physical, emotional, congenital, genetic and even environmental forces affect our health, wellbeing, healing and survival. As reflex therapists, we palpate reflex areas and points, reflective of all bodily systems.  Various micro-maps access all bodily life force energies and systems. Our observations reveal lesions, deposits, blockages, energy cysts, crystals, etc., within the connective tissue fluid matrix of those reflex points and areas.  The aforementioned micro-maps through which we are able to detect energetic disruptions in the tissue include our feet, hands, ears, face, neck, scalp and all of the long bones in the body.




In ancient wisdom, in the Ayurvedic tradition, Prana is the life force energy of health, spirituality and the cosmos. This purely quantum perspective is engrained within eastern philosophy.  We may or may not recognize from our western perspective that there is much more to us than what we can see or even call tangible.  Our body is 2% matter and 98% space.  It is the energy within this space or void that deserves our consideration. This ratio is the same for the Earth. The biosphere, ionosphere and our brain resonate at the same frequency. The ancients understood quantum mechanics and it is the modern scientists, cellular biologists and quantum physicist in particular, who have turned the old paradigm of Newtonian Physics upside down.


The Vedic chakra system has been understood in the realm of medical and spiritual practice in India for thousands of years and is an ancient model of quantum mechanics. Chakras are quantum spinning energetic vortexes in our core being, below, within, around and above us. There are 7 chakras of the physical body that are associated with 7 glands and a number of transpersonal chakras outside of the physical body. Extending from our physical body are numerous layers of energy bodies that make up our aura.  Our core being is grounded in the Earth by our 1st or base chakra and below our feet, by the earth star chakra. We are connected to the cosmos through our 7th or crown chakra and above the head through the soul star and stellar gateway chakras.


The Caduceus (Hermes staff of life) is an ancient Egyptian and Greek esoteric symbol of life essence and reflects the Ayuvedic Nadis system. Nadis are energetic systems that transduce universal creative life energy into the physical body. The staff of the Caduceus represents the ultrasonic core channel of the subtle energy body, called the Sushumna nadi (fountain spray of life), which passes through the spinal cord.  It starts at the base chakra and ends at the crown chakra where it splits into two streams.  The anterior stream passes through the brow chakra, called the Cave of Brahma or the Crystal Palace (Chinese) – the seat of Supreme Consciousness - which lies between the two hemispheres of the brain and the crown chakra. The posterior stream travels behind the skull before reaching the Cave of BrahmaThe Sushumna distributes prana to the subtle energy organs (nadis) and the chakras.


From this central core channel, the nadis emanate out into an intricate network of energetic pathways that circulates prana throughout the body and eventually become the more dense meridians (called the gross nadis).  The right pole of this channel, called the Pingnala nadi, is a positive centrifugal force and the left pole of the channel, called the Ida, is a negative centripetal force.  The two intertwining ‘serpents’ of the Caduceus, or central channel, symbolize kundalini rising as a double helix of crossover currents over each oval cavity of the body.  The polarity changes produce alternating currents that intersect at each Chakra.  The chakras act as a transducing mechanism for bringing higher (positive) energies into and releasing lower (negative) energies from our bodies. The two wings emanating from the central knob of the Caduceus, represents the two hemispheres of the brain.  The central knob at the top of the Caduceus represents the Pineal gland or crown chakra, which is at the top of the Sushumna nadi or central channel.




The language of love is expressed in all ancient wisdom through the quantum energy field of the 4th or heart chakra. Our Heart Brain has profound healing intelligence on a cellular level. The heart’s electromagnetic field is 5,000x stronger than that of the brain.   60 – 65% of the heart’s cells are neural and identical to those of the brain.  The Heart Brain has a separate intelligence from the brain and has a powerful impact on our well being and healing. 


Current research in HeartMath reveals astonishing discoveries. In a Phantom DNA experiment from the Institute of HeartMath, DNA is communicating within a quantum field in the universe. A strand of DNA is extracted from a subject`s human cell and the DNA is placed in a vacuum. The subject is 400 miles apart from his DNA cell. The subject is now connected electronically to a monitor and computer.  Negative emotions of fear and anger, as well as positive emotions of love, peace and joy, are instilled upon the subject. At precisely the same moment in time of the subject’s negative emotional feeling or response, the DNA’s coherent response was reflected by the double helix shutting down, shriveling into contractions.  Upon the subject’s positive emotional response the DNA’s coherent response was an immediate opposite reaction to expansion and opening. This experiment suggests that our heart’s emotional response and brain’s consciousness or unconscious behavioral response is beyond time and space and capable of quantum behavior within the realm of the collective consciousness.  


Studies have shown that during Meditation, the heart can emanate a sustained light of 100,000 photons per second.  The heart’s electromagnetic field emanates to a 10 - 12 foot radius.  Feelings derived from meditation, music, dance, rituals, healing or spiritual practices, etc. affect our capacity for love and our intrinsic need to be loved. Feelings of our heart affect our individual perspective and the collective consciousness.


The heart is considered to be an endocrine organ gland.  At least 5 major hormones are produced by the heart that impact physiological functions of the brain and body.  Recent HearthMath studies indicate that information is captured in the hormonal pulses which coincide with heart rhythms.  Negative emotions disturb the heart rhythm and positive emotions create coherent or functional patterns.  Negative feelings or emotions and trauma create tension in the fluids and tissues within the Liquid Crystalline Matrix, producing chemical changes within all of our bodily systems.


Our thoughts, emotions and feelings are expressed through attitudes and beliefs that affect our wellbeing and healing.  Within our being, there is no separation of mind, body, spirit and emotions. Our thoughts are energy and absolutely do matter to our health. For a developing child, love is critical to ensure and stabilize a healthy heart and nervous system. The “hard wiring” in our central nervous system determines our cognitive functions in conscious thinking and our unconscious drives our motivations and behavior. This programming is derived from early precognitive perceptions, social programming and may start prior to conception. Our perceptual limitations determine who we become in our conscious awareness.    


Reflex therapy holistically supports mind, body and spirit, clearing physical blockages that may be created by trauma, physical or emotional wounds and negative mind sets or limiting beliefs. 




Omnipresent head to toe”


CSF is a clear colorless luminescent fluid that is considered, in osteopathic circles, to be a “liquid light nerve” and the “water of life” that is present in every cell in our body. This is crucial for our health and wellbeing. CSF maintains our ancestral primordial intelligence. Biophotons are the coherent light energy within the CSF and all bodily systems, but biophotons operate separately and do not mix with the water of life.


CSF is produced from arterial blood and enters the two lateral, 3rd and 4th ventricles through the choroid plexi 24/7 and turns over about 140 ml. about 3.5 times a day. CSF bathes and circulates the brain and the entire cranial sacral system.  Most of the CSF is returned to the heart by the venous system. The production and circulation of CSF also functions as an immunological system in the brain and entire cranial sacrum system and eliminates bacteria and toxins.  CSF or water of life feeds the lymphatic system, moves with the entire central nervous system and is in constant motion from the cranium through the dural tube in the spinal cord to the 2nd segment of the sacrum.




  • The Reciprocal Tension Membrane (RTM)


The meninges are a triple layer of membranous connective tissue that encloses the entire brain, central nervous system (CNS), CSF and spinal cord. The dura mater is the outer and toughest  membranous layer directly attached to the cranial and spinal bones. The arachnoid mater is a fibrous, thicker, middle layer where CSF circulates. The pia mater is a softer inner layer that protects the CNS. The cranial dura mater and spinal dura mater are fascia.


The cranial diaphragm is derived from the dura mater and consists of a vertical component that divides the left and right brain hemispheres and a horizontal component that divides the upper and lower areas of the brain. The entire diaphragm is attached to all 7 cranial bones. The inherent unrestricted diaphragmatic motion of these cranial bones, along with the bones and tissues of the visceral cranium (face bones), is crucial for our entire body’s function and homeostasis.  


  • The Primary Respiratory Mechanism (PRM) – “Breath Of Life”      


The PRM includes all the fluids and structures found within the RTM and is directly attached to the cranial and spinal bones. The cranium and dural tube contains CSF. The PRM is an involuntary mechanism that reciprocates 2 respiratory phases of inhalation and exhalation. This facilitates the continuous fluctuation and circulation of the CSF through the cranial-sacral system from the cranium through the dural canal to the 2nd segment of the sacrum. The rate is subtle and is about 10 to 14 times/minute. This is called the breath of life


There are 5 well documented important cranial sacral biodynamic aspects to the primary respiratory mechanism (RTM) that express the potency of the “breath of life”.  These aspects involve


  1. a.An inherent potency fluctuation of CSF
  2. b.Inherent motility of the brain and spinal cord
  3. c.The reciprocal tension membrane
  4. d.The articular mobility of the cranial bones
  5. e.The involuntary motion of the sacrum


  • Cranial Rhythmic Impulse (CRI) - The Cranial Wave


The breath of life generates the bioenergetic life force that transmutes our cells and tissues to their natural state at the time of conception. The Original Matrix is born from stillness and embryonic development becomes the Original Motion of form and function that is continually being created. Out of stillness comes motion and form and then returns again to stillness.  This interplay is within the tai chi of ying and yang.  The tai chi is present everywhere as in every living cell and throughout the universe.  From wu chi (nothing) comes the Ultimate tai chi (something).  This is the Way or the Tao of all living beings and all things.


The breath of life tidal phenomena has different qualities of potencies,


  • CRI 8-14 cycles/minute – the CRI is not consistent and fluctuates and varies in its rhythm. In reflexology, the reflex therapist’s consciousness in stillness resonates with the cranial wave
  • Mid-tide 2.5 cycles/minute – it is a stable rhythm, expressing a quantum level of organization within each cell,  fluid and tissue in our body
  • Long tide 100 second cycles – this is alive and intelligent quantum-level organizational life force energy. It is the Original Matrix, from a Dynamic Stillness to the Original Motion around an axial vortex of energies within a great whirling wind of polarities. Centripetal and centrifugal energies stabilize the bioelectric matrix of a profound but subtle life force, the bioenergetic light, from embryonic development, throughout life. It is around the primal midline axis (Sushumna), the primitive streak and notochord that the embryo forms and develops. Within this bioelectric field, uplifting polarity forces develop within the Liquid Crystalline Matrix. Throughout life this is the creative energetic life force of form and function, it is the Genesis that never stops.


The endocrine and central nervous systems are well documented and understood communication and governing networks in our body’s organization and regulation. Both of these systems exist within the Cranial Sacral System. The production and fluctuations of Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) within a quantum field of light is the life force energy permeating the CNS and the entire Endocrine system.  




Bathed in CSF, centrally located between the lateral ventricles behind the limbic brain, this small pineal  organ gland has enormous ramifications for the entire endocrine system and quantum being. It consists of glial (light) cells that are the same cells that are in our eyes.  One of its well known functions is the secretion of the hormone melatonin to the pituitary master gland and the other glands. The pineal communicates within the CSF through the hypothalamus, connecting stalk (infundibulum) and diaphragm of the posterior pituitary gland. 



  • Peak production of melatonin is at night and repairs body cells (about 5 billion cells are lost daily)
  • Known as our body`s most powerful anti-oxidant it is 5x more powerful than vitamin C
  • Reduces cortisol output at night to improve sleep
  • Governs the sleep/wake cycle and control for the hypothalamus
  • Anti-aging agent for skin and complexion
  • Low frequency waves or electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) disturb cells in the pineal field and suppress all aspects of melatonin production.  EMFs are created by cell towers, cell phones, remote phones in home and offices, computers, electric grids, etc. EMF sensitivity is another man-induced environmental pollution. Metabolic reactions in the brain promote free radicals that can cause many illnesses such as leukemia, autism, brain and colon cancers, etc.




The master gland has two lobes, the anterior lobe that produces hormones and the posterior lobe that releases hormones. The Pituitary Gland is seated in the lower cavity of the anterior forebrain on a small cavernous shelf called the sellae turcica behind the bridge of the nose on the sphenoid bone. Enclosing this cavern is the sellae diaphragma or pituitary diaphragm. Sealed and penetrating the posterior pituitary is the infundibulum or stalk that descends from the hypothalamus. Any disruptions to the coherent cranial rhythmic impulse (CRI) and mobility of the sphenoid bone articulations with 12 adjacent cranial and visceral cranium (face) bones can create disturbances within this pituitary-hypothalamus axis and could have serious consequences within the endocrine and cranial sacral systems and elsewhere throughout the body. The breath of life has a bioenergetic effect on the pituitary diaphragm, the pituitary gland, its function and with the entire endocrine system.




Two hundred years or so have passed from Sir Isaac Newton’s Gravitational Theory to Albert Einstein’s Law of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.  For almost 100 years of scientific advances in science and medicine, we, in the practice and study of reflexology view zone theory and micro maps in all reflexology systems, as our guiding principles.   Five thousand year old Ancient Egyptian carvings are accepted as evidence of reflexology as a healing practice. Today we have a bounty of literature, schools and organizations that are passionate about their work and witness the effectiveness of reflex therapy treatment.


We know through our practice of reflex therapy that we are able to reach our clients at the core level of all energetic and bodily systems.  The belief that reflex therapists are working through the nervous system’s proprioceptors within the central nervous system (CNS) may be a partial truth. This may be based on an outdated and old paradigm of Newtonian Physics. The re-iteration of reflexes and cell differentiation from embryological development and our subsequent understanding of zone theory, chakras, polarity and 5 element theory in meridianology support the practice of reflexology.


Chi or Prana are life force energies understood and practiced by the Ancients. These energies exist everywhere in the universe.  We are a microcosm of the macrocosmic universe and a human cell is a microcosm of the human. From a quantum mechanical perspective there is no separation of any part of a human being.  Every part of our whole self is connected and self aware. Each and every cell in our body communicates with each and every other cell in a quantum energetic matrix. We are all connected to the earth star and to the universe. From the perspective of a quantum universe, as reflex therapists, we are connected to all of life and especially to our clients within a quantum field and vice versa.


Our effectiveness as reflex therapists in facilitating a healing process for our client is within our ability to connect into higher and lower realms of our awareness, within the feeling of dynamic stillness in our heart and heart chakra.  Within the realm of dynamic stillness comes a deep listening before we even touch our client.  The moment of touch is deep, profound and powerful.  The dynamic motion follows within our self and within our client. Every part of our being and our client’s being down to a soulful cellular level within the Liquid Crystalline Matrix senses this touch immediately at or close to the speed of light.  This is impossible through the speculation of communication within the CNS. The essence of chi or prana is everywhere in our body, our aura and in the cosmos without any separation of time and space.



                                                                                       Fred Coen, C.Ped.,C.R., NMAR President

New Mexico Association of Reflexologists


Fred Coen, C.Ped., (Certified Pedorthist) operates a full-time reflexology practice and Foot Comfort Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, specializing in reflexology, orthopedic footwear, shoe modifications and foot orthotics.