Fred Coen

Inspired by a 3rd generation orthopedic shoe maker and the study and practice of Tai Chi beginning in 1972, Fred began his interest in the foot and holistic understanding of the human body. That same year, Fred began his career making custom sandals and shoes and was also employed in the leather industry as a self-taught Leather Craftsman and Designer.


Then in 1995, Fred became a C.Ped (Certified Pedorthist) after realizing that many of his clients required bio-mechanical intervention and supportive corrections for posture, walking and other physical activities. He has been making prescription custom foot orthotics, orthopedic footwear and shoe modifications to the present time.


While helping his clients with foot, ankle, leg and back pain that enabled them to walk in comfort and improve their quality of life, Fred’s passion to support his clients in obtaining higher levels of health and wellbeing lead to an exploration of Reflexology.


Fred’s interest in Reflexology evolved out of the recognition that the foot holds a key to overall health. In his view, reflexes in the hands and feet follow myo-fascial (myo means muscles and fascia are connective tissues) and acupuncture meridians. Myo-fascia is a web or cellular matrix with piezo-electrical properties that stores all memories, both pre and post birth. Fred’s intention with reflexology is releasing tension from physical and emotional traumas that are stored in the myo-fascia, to reprogram this “hard wiring”.


In 2008, Fred began studying his decade long interest in Reflexology and became a certified Reflexologist in 2009. He is currently combining his skill and knowledge of Pedorthics with Reflexology to provide a comprehensive treatment that empowers his clients healing potentials through the feet.