Complimentary to traditional western medicine, Reflexology supports our bodies natural 

healing ability, activating our own “Inner Physician” and our body’s natural healing intelligence.  

By stimulating reflex points and areas on the feet, Reflexology supports and works to clear all bodily 

systems, blockages, energetic pathways and supporting a state of harmony and relaxation, allowing our

body’s innate ability to heal itself on the physical, emotional and mental levels of being.


     Sensitive reflex points on the hands, feet, ears and face correspond to all bodily functions and 

systems, illnesses and disease.  Pressure and treatment of these points on the skin follow nerve 

pathways through bio electro-magnetic waves to the brain.  Positive changes take place in the nervous, 

hormonal and lymphatic (immune) systems that support healing.  Subsequently, the process of 

elimination of toxins is stimulated, which cleanses the body and improves digestion and circulation.


     As one moves towards deep relaxation and healing, through Reflexology, re-programming occurs 

naturally in the central nervous system.  Good health and balance is supported and maintained with

Reflexology as the nervous system is relieved of chronic stress and tension.